Friday, December 7, 2012

A Mystery

A nd so the once cold heart melted like snow in spring
N ever expected the bloom it could bring
D ays passed, not a single one was ever missed
R olling in a field of never-ending bliss

E very once in a while, eyes would wander
W ith the hope that he may just appear anywhere, somewhere
J ust this thought already fills the mind and heart
O nly to be saddened of the fact that we’re apart

H owever, the sadness would immediately fade away
N ever has it been so easy, whenever I hear him say,
“M iles away, but I am here to stay…”
A nd so this now-fragile-heart is once again swept away.

S oon will come a time that such longing will be met
O n top of a hill, while watching the sun set
N ow, you may all still wonder…but you’ll know, sooner or later.

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