Friday, July 23, 2010


the "WILD" side

M mystery: unsolved!
I intimidating
D daredevils
I impulsive
G gamblers
H harsh
T temptress(es)

B bloopers! bloopers! bloopers!
A abstract
B bizarre
I impenetrable
E electrifying
S sarcastic

the "TAMED" ones

M merry-maker
D dancers
N no-nonsense
I immeasurable
G gallant
H hyper
T talented

B baby-face(s)
A aristocrats
B bright
I idyllic
E elite

The explanation
in case you need explanation: oh...this will be a long one! Ahahaha!

The wild side:
ARG! i can't help from laughing...memories are flooding in, it's drowning me...naks! ahahaha!
oh...well... i'll laugh harder goes!

Mystery unsolved: duh! you'll agree with me (of course, you should!) when i say that the most mysterious creatures in this universe (given there's no alien in the equation..hahaha) are human beings! ahahaha! come on! we may look like goddesses but we are still...still human! unless...of really treat us as goddesses! Peace out!

Intimidating: as long as we are all together...of course! hahaha! but...don't be complacent coz we can be intimidating even on our watch it! LOL

Daredevils: so don't you dare! LOL

Nocturnal: duh! MIDNIGHT babies? duh!

Impulsive: shoppers/buyers? check! lovers? check! students? check! ahahaha! tell me what else...LOL

Gamblers: super risk-takers! that's why we're daredevils...duh! LOL

Harsh: to those who deserve harshness though! watch out!

Temptress (es): and i couldn't agree more! been there, done that! LOL

Bloopers: Bwahahahaha! who made most of it girls? *wink*

Electrifying: yeah...we can give you sizzles! beware!

Sarcastic: ika nga nila...pikon talo! if you can't take sarcasm, you ain't a midnight baby! *bleh*

The tamed ones: ooooooh!

Merry-makers: oh...we love all kinds of fun! if there's no party, we create one!

Idols: hahaha! if i remember it all started with John (chikay's chuva...hehehe), when he started calling me Idol...and the rest are idols...of course!

Dancers: hahaha! one reason we got evicted! nah! i won't elaborate on this one! t'was heart-breaking coz then we were separated...houses that is! but come didn't stop us! LOL

No-nonsense people: hmmmm....this might be a little contradicting, right girls? LOL. coz we are nonsense sometimes...nope...most of the times...that's when fun begins! LOL. but...but we are serious if needed! defensive? hahaha!

Immeasurable: don't you dare measure our worth...our friendship! period!

Gallant: ooooh! we are brave ones, indeed! we can long as you don't bite! LOL

Hyper: duh! tell me who is not hyper but can last through the night....duh! again...MIDNIGHT babies! duh! LOL

Talented: oh! oh! oh! we are super coalition of talents! *wink*

Baby-face(s): do i need to say more? LOL

Aristocrats: with question mark...ahahaha! nahh...we are aristocrats! we are princesses in our home! there! (bleh)

Bright: i may have said beautiful, but realized that there's no need to emphasize on that...duh! LOL! so i was down to the famous question, "what is beauty if the brain is empty?" totally, not for the midnight babies!

Idyllic: we only want WORLD PEACE! who does not?

Elite: ahahaha! that's all! (bleh)

SOCIAL: sa maka-G lang! ahahaha!

hahaha! just missing my girls! see you soon! *wink*