Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On a lighter note...

Election day was really one heck of a day...but it was fun. Funny things still happened...thank GOD!

First on my list are bumping into some long-time-no-see-neighbors and highschool classmates. hmmm... thinking of it now, it's almost 3 months that I haven't gone home and stayed in Digos. If not for "electeion". Laughs.

Second... being the "maharot" me, I met new cuties. Such a refreshing sight. Might as well take advatage of the moment. Laughs. I now have new friends...Jean, Mark, Shey, Ton-ton and the funny gay Feli...short for Felimon. Laughs.

And saving the best for last...

While casually chatting with a neighbor about "politics"...some "tiguwang daut" loudly claimed that they knew the "preso" who just passed by, escorted by three police.

tiguwang daut 1: Aw, napriso jud day na xa?
tiguwang daut 2: Na, karon ra gani ko kabalo?
sabatirong ulitawo: ah, ulawa pud ana oi...ako pa niya di na lang ko mubot.
tiguwang daut 3: Asa ka, boto o mamatay? Boto na lang jud ka.
sabatirong ulitawo: Na...may lang unta lagi gipailis man lang unta,.. awa ra gud na oh....sihag ayo na yelu ang tshirt...dako pajud ayo's tatak na DJMP!
tiguwang daut 1: Aw di man guro pud na siya gusto gud siguro muboto...puslan man makagawas.
tiguwang daut 2: Na, trip ra jud na iya... di pa ka ana nakaboto na xa, kasuroy pa xa...tulo pa man gani bodyguard oh.

katawa silang tanan...unsa pa...apil-apil pud kog katawa.


it's on my facebook account.


CONGRATULATIONS "Pilipinas kong mahal...minumutya...ang bayan kong sinilangan...lupain ng ginto't bulaklak (like yours truly, of course! LOL)."

ALAS! Automated na tayo!

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy. I was almost like them when I waited two hours (or more) to vote. And if, GOD-FORBID, there would be "dayaan" of some kind, only then I'll rip the poise and go protest. (Prehaps...hunger strike...time to lose some baby fat...LOL)

Let's continue to pray that, somehow, people are now enlightened. But, honestly, I doubt it, for this day is one "helluva" day!

THE MISHAPS: arg! arg! arg!

It was drizzling ans the weather's cold...but I had to force myself to wake up soooo early in the morning...as in like five in the morning (one rare of a happening)...to be part of a "historical" event: "THE FIRST AUTOMATED ELECTION!"

I know...I know...it's worth it! What's not thought is skipping breakfast for the Nth time in my life (forget ulceration), so I can vote early and avoid "human traffic". Instead, I had to endure hours of standing for "tow lines".

First: the line to get a priority number, where awaits the only "BEI/Comelec Personnel/Priority number officer/Whatever he's called", who had to cater to hundreds or thousands of voters just to verify that your on the official voters' list before giving you that "precious 2x2/3x3 priorit number card". And what if you're not on the list?

For 30 minutes, I tried hard to ignore the question. And fortunately, I was on the list. But not the "gay" who went in and out of the so-called "priority number room". For almost 30 minutes of going in and out, he'd gone from being dismayed to outraged and had to lose his/her feminine touch for he had to shout in his huge manly voice to vent out his frustrations. I was annoyed and entertained the whole time. I wish he/she was able to vote...for I happen to know that we're on the same tram when, out of frustration, he blurted out his bets.

And that's just the "first line".

But before I kiss & tell on the "second line", I have to address one issue that I found...is really troublesome which happened in that same room. And that is..."some" of our younger generations have lost their "sense of respect".

I was like 10-20 persons away from the "priority # officer". I was standing on the entrance when a woman,in her late 40s, slowly entered the room, assisting an elderly woman. I could have not noticed them and could have not seen the pale face of the latter if only she didn't, accidentally, stepped on my left foot. But, being the good-hearted me (echoz!), I let it pass and even moved out a bit for them to effortlessly ease in. (oh di ba? magbuhat ba ng sariling bangko! LOL)

After I tissue-cleaned my foot, I became oblivious of the hysterics...(one tactic I use often is to think how to spend 1 billion pesos, as in like spend them all, in just an hour...syaro! hahaha!). I was on my last 100 million when some boys, somewhere at the back/end of the line, were making harsh comments, saying..."Kolorum"..."Ah, yati! Palakasay diay!"..."Hala boto us tarong ha...botohi ang datu, ayaw pobri kay magpadatu ra na"...etc. I glance at them to see what's causing the commotion. I was about to ask the girl next to me, who seemed amazed and in agreement of those boys, but before I can even start my question, some middle-aged women already shouted back,saying..."Paghilom! 'Way batasan ay...kita kang senior citizen...makuyapan na gani!" Such strong words that put those shameless "youngsters" in their right place. BRAVO NANAYs!

The elderly woman got her priority number who later on realized that she didn't need it in the first place. As for the young ones, they still have to stand and take the stares of mockery. Hahai...what a drama! Indeed. It is so sad how easily we can be un-respectful.

From one drama to another...entitled... The Second Line: An Election Saga. (LOL)

It took me an hour and a half, perhaps more... I'm really not sure about the time...I didn't have a wristwatch on and I didn't bring my cellphone since COMELEC emphasized not to/avoid bringing cellphones or any gadget that can cause some signal interference... of course, late realization again... i'm sure they meant during transmitting the result. But the point is... I waited, we waited for hours.

While I was waiting, I contently and patiently stood by the window in front of the school admin. office where I could watch the "halalan" coverage of ABS-CBN. At the same time, remained vigilant of teh numbers being called. I was #219 and the last number called when I arrived at my designated precinct was #105, I even asked two waiting voters to make sure. But after 10 minutes or so, while chitchatting with a neighbor, the rest of the crowd suddenly were complaining. Who would not be if from #120, BEIs just jumped the counting to #221?

In defense of our beloved teachers/BEIs, they hurriedly explained that the priority #s 221-240 were mistakenly given to the early birds when they were supposed to be given #s 121-140. And that after they called #240, they will go back to #141, onwards.


But... the damage has beed done. Those who were already impatient became moooore impatient and were complanining nonstop. Some, decided to go home. My family even did the same and decided to come later in the afternoon. And as usual, the stubborn but patient me ( naks!), remained to witness the poor "Mr. Priority # Officer" taking all the blame and complaints. I'm sure he had thought as well that "priority #s" were one of the causes of the delay. I hope... so that he can suggest it to their post-election meeting, whatever they call it...I"m sure there will be.

I was pondering on that thought...seriously thinking..when...

After 48 years...tantararan! They called out, "#219!"

I quickly walked towards the door, afraid to be skipped again. I didn't care bumping into "Mr. Too-much-perfume", causing him to drop his priority # on the muddy corridor. I even ignored "Miss Long Hair's" hissed when I brushed my hand on her behind. (Laughs). All I cared for is voting!

I have given back the priority #...stated my precinct # and my name...I though..."grabe pa-thrilling man ni oi"...accepted the secrecy folder (which is, by the wya, not helpful at all...) with the official ballot in it and the marker ( which is sooo new and sooo ink-full that it took all my reamining strengths just to prevent it from blotting).

I was all set, that's why it only took me two minutes to complet shading the "bilog na hugis itlog" beside my bets. Also, I was thinking that a lot more people are still waiting outside (charmoooz!) and I was starving! (laughs)

But seriously, I was excited to insert my ballot into the "Precinct Count Optical Scan Machine". in short, PCOS machine. ( Hahaha! trip ko lang pahabain..pormal-pormalan ba!)

I slowly walked towards that balck washing machine look-a-like PCOS machine. There were still four voters ahead of me, who were as excited and scared as I am. Excited to finally end the calvary and seal my vote but scared...very scared for my votes. What if the machine will reject my ballot?

Just as I rejected that thought, the first person's ballot was rejected. "Lampas man gud sa linya sa lingin imo pagshade, sir." the machine tech said. It dawned me then that I didn't even bother to check my ballot. (excited!) I was making sure that I didn't have the same mistake when the next person's ballot was again rejected. This time it was about "over voting".

"Omen?" I thought. Then I felt panicky and quickly checked my ballot again. And there was no problem as far as I know. Then came my turn. But before the actual insertion, the PCOS tech/operator/whatever asked for the folder...WHAT? Soooo much for a secrecy folder huh! Nevertheless, I slowly inserted my ballot and really waited for the word "CONGRATULATIONS" on the screen. One thing I noticed though while the machine was verifying my vote, the PCOS tech/operator/whatever was also taking note of every accepted ballot. Contingency plan? Well, I have done my part....Let's hope for the best.