Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On a lighter note...

Election day was really one heck of a day...but it was fun. Funny things still happened...thank GOD!

First on my list are bumping into some long-time-no-see-neighbors and highschool classmates. hmmm... thinking of it now, it's almost 3 months that I haven't gone home and stayed in Digos. If not for "electeion". Laughs.

Second... being the "maharot" me, I met new cuties. Such a refreshing sight. Might as well take advatage of the moment. Laughs. I now have new friends...Jean, Mark, Shey, Ton-ton and the funny gay Feli...short for Felimon. Laughs.

And saving the best for last...

While casually chatting with a neighbor about "politics"...some "tiguwang daut" loudly claimed that they knew the "preso" who just passed by, escorted by three police.

tiguwang daut 1: Aw, napriso jud day na xa?
tiguwang daut 2: Na, karon ra gani ko kabalo?
sabatirong ulitawo: ah, ulawa pud ana oi...ako pa niya di na lang ko mubot.
tiguwang daut 3: Asa ka, boto o mamatay? Boto na lang jud ka.
sabatirong ulitawo: Na...may lang unta lagi gipailis man lang unta,.. awa ra gud na oh....sihag ayo na yelu ang tshirt...dako pajud ayo's tatak na DJMP!
tiguwang daut 1: Aw di man guro pud na siya gusto gud siguro muboto...puslan man makagawas.
tiguwang daut 2: Na, trip ra jud na iya... di pa ka ana nakaboto na xa, kasuroy pa xa...tulo pa man gani bodyguard oh.

katawa silang tanan...unsa pa...apil-apil pud kog katawa.

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