Sunday, July 29, 2007


Sounds familiar?
I was watching Jerry Maguire just a while ago. Probably, that was my 10th time or more. I just don't know why I can't seem to get enough of that movie. Well, Tom Cruise as the lead actor has a lot to do with it. And it's a lie if I say that it's not because of him. I won't dare ignore him anyway [laughs]. But aside from him, the story just never ceases to move me. No matter how many times I've seen it. Especially the part when Jerry, my Jerry, said the legendary line. "YOU COMPLETE ME." Now, who wouldn't be moved by it? Definitely, no one in this world doesn't want someone tell him/her such a mind-blowing declaration of affection. I know. You just couldn't agree more. [Laughs]
I wish I had Renée Zellweger's role! [Laughs] Yeah. Not just in the movie but also in real life. I wish I have a Jerry of my own. [Laughs]
Isn't it obvious that I'm really into the movie?
I guess, if not all, some girls would agree with me if I want a Jerry. What's with him? In any case that you haven't seen the movie yet, aside from his very irresistible looks, tantalizing eyes, and breath-taking smile, he is a good person. Though he made mistakes which is, by the way, human's nature, he still tried to be a good person and actually changed to be a better one. But to top it all, he is a man who is, with all his heart, mind, body, and soul, brave enough to declare his love to the world. If he's able to tell someone that she completes him, that's someone worth dying for.
WOW. That's enough about the movie. And if you really haven't seen it, where were you? I'm just kidding. Seriously, do get a copy so you can relate to me. [Laughs]
I'm not saying that Jerry is the ideal man, of course, I'm well aware that a lot out there are better than him. But I wonder how many of them left now. No offense meant. I know that to love is to risk. And that you must prepare yourself for all the consequences. That you can't just love and worry no more. Love is really not enough. So let's face it, nowadays, loving is riskier since people tend to be very cautious or be very playful, sometimes both. For this reason, I can't help but wonder.
Wheew. Before I get more serious, I wanna bid farewell for now. Honestly, I'm running out of words. I'm just not good with matters of the heart. [Laughs] But seriously, if someone is out there better than my Jerry, you better complete me. [Laughs]
Je dois y aller maintenant. Adieu.

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