Monday, July 16, 2012


Dawn is the time of the day when the light first appears in the sky. But breaking dawn may be the commencement of the day.

No. I am not here to talk about the actual moment of day which we so-called dawn, as we all used to say, “Dawn is breaking.” Nor I am talking about the last installment of the twilight saga which has girls of almost all ages got so hooked and going gaga over the superficial characters from which people who played the roles and most especially the capitalists have been taking leverage of.  But somehow it is of relevance to that time of day…the metaphoric way that is. It is because my versions of “breaking dawn” happened in the afternoon.

Dawn. As a noun, can be that time in the morning, the first appearance of daylight or simply the beginning or rise of anything. As a verb, to begin to grow light or to open or develop. Both connote the same thought, obviously. But my experience with the word was more of a verb that is…to begin to be perceived…

Literally and figuratively, my “breaking dawn” was indeed very late. I sure needed the time to think things over but when the idea, the answer, dawned on me… I was already late. It was already twilight.

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