Thursday, July 12, 2012

An UGLY personality, DESTROYS a pretty face.


I so happen to be lucky to have a righteous mother...who will constantly remind us to be good. And like she always say, "Good things come to Good people." and that, "A good heart shines through." With a mother like that, it's both pleasure and pressure...laughs.

My mother, like any normal person, is not perfect. But one thing for sure, she is kind. And that reflects on how she looks like. People are always at awe when they learn that she is in her 50s and that she had nine (9) children and two (2) grandchildren. People say that maybe because she smiles a lot. But it's not for us and for those who really know my mother and even my mother would say, that she is able to smile a lot despite all the stress, not because she can. "Anyone can smile," she will tell you that, "But its another story when you can really "genuinely" smile." And I am certain we all have seen fake smiles. A person who has good personality can really give, not just good smile, but light feeling. A smile that is contagious.

That is why, I really got disturbed when this girl, very pretty girl, came in the cafe...all smiles. Like you can almost see all her teeth. She was apologetic for she came very late. You might be wondering why I know this. NO. She isn't the company I was expecting. Just that, we are just one table apart. And oh my, she has loud presence.

Going back...

Yes, she was being sweet as she apologized. I have no idea how late she was since I just arrived five minutes earlier but her friends sure looked pissed. One was actually in a hurry that just a minute or two after she arrived, that friend left. And viola. She was like making faces as they watch their friend leave. And good thing,  my manners were in tact, coz I really felt like raising an eyebrow.

I didn't really listen after that coz I have more important things to do than dwell on how "good of a friend" that pretty-face girl is.

bottom-line...ladies and this matter how busy, fast-paced it has become...there are still eyes watching your every move, listening to each word, getting the vibe you are exuding, et cetera...yes, sadly, there are some who would really prefer pretty faces over good personality...but if you already have the pretty face, be as good as you can be...actually, all should.

I'm actually just going around imma stop and actually have to run sure you got the point...

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