Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is It Okay If I Call You Mine?

just for a time... (Paul McCrane)

Such a good song, meaningful lyrics,soothing melody and a soothing voice. A song filled with longing, wanting, needing, missing...

Well for some time, can't remember now when exactly...but yes, way back then, I thought it "connotes" a sad message, moment, experience... for it seemed like the love ended and one still holds on...that one has not moved on yet...or that it is a one-sided love...

That was then... When I was all naive and mmm say, fragile? (laughs)

But with the recent events...twists of fate...lovely twists of fate in fact... I have a whole new perspective...another story actually plays in mind whenever I hear this song...which was just few minutes ago...

What I see vividly for that not of an "ending" but a "just parting for a moment but will be united someday soon"... simply put, a long distance relationship...

"I ca't wait to see you again..." This very line from the song proves me right after all but also proves how wrong I was before... *wink

Indeed, whatever mood you are in affects how you see you would react to cetera...of course!!!

I was blinded before that all I saw was the sad part...glad to be awake.

And now, I'm experiencing LSS (last song syndrome) as usual...well it's a good song so I don't mind singing/humming it all all. I guess, well I'm quite sure that this is one of the anthems for those who are in LDR (long distance relationship)...Cheers!

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