Monday, October 11, 2010


At the balcony, she waited patiently
tea in china and freshly baked cookies, ready to be served
after hours worked, it's what he deserved
it was a daily routine, as I have observed.
At the balcony, she continued to wait, religiously
with his favorite tea and cookies prepared in perfection
for nothing can go wrong with a calculated action
coupled with her love and determination.
At the balcony, she sat still like a lily
the tea has long been gone, the cookies have yet to expire
her body shivered, her eyes were on fire
I saw not rage, but overflowing desire.
As she continued to wait at the balcony,
I wondered what that desire could be and what for?
and to the wind she whispered when I thought she would roar,
" don't bring me flowers anymore?"

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