Thursday, October 14, 2010

no. 25 - Loud Speaker (poem)


oh, technology

you made my life so easy
you made almost everything just a click away
and you made it more exciting to play

oh, technology

to you, i cling... very dependently
now i can't seem to last a day
without you along the way

oh technology

with you, i am free
to do everything i want to do
i love you, i really do.


technology, you made me sad
to myself and to you, you made me mad
due to this one feature you introduced
which, i often get to use

Loud speaker...
Loud speaker...
Loud speaker...
You cheating Loud speaker...

you're one reliable tool
it was once so cool
days were so full
but you made me a fool

you could've just warned me of what's nearby
caught off guard, had to ply
arg! arg! arg! you made me lie
now...i shall say goodbye!


it's up to you what really happened...LOL!

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