Sunday, October 24, 2010

no. 29 - Take me everywhere you go (poem)

i won't be a pest
i won't create a mess
i'll pass all your test

i can put up a grand show
take me everywhere you go

i won't make a sound
i'' keep my feet on the ground
i'll do every round
can be used to astound

i'll follow your flow
take me everywhere you go

i won't tell
i won't yell
i won't ring your bell
take me out of this cell

i will keep everything low
take me everywhere you go


oh...this time i will let you know the story behind the story...LOL

i'm making this for a dear friend...who can't seem to let his girl go...
this was like his lines when the girl was breaking up on him...
i kinda make it poetic and a lil overstated/amplified...
actually i kinda simplified what really happened
so sad though coz they separated anyway...
there's no point to continue it out of pity...

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