Tuesday, October 12, 2010

no. 13 - What's new in my life? (poem)

Nothing much, I must say
as always, my mind's away
while waiting for another day
in my bed, I shall lay.
Did I say, "...nothing much?"
Ha! I guess I've lost my touch
coz to be frank
sooner or later, I'll be a crank.
"What's new in my life?", you asked
for me, to answer is not my task
not that I don't want to ponder
for now, I'm way pass wonder.
Your time, I didn't intend to waste
so hope you'll soon make a haste
but before we take a bow
I'll leave something that could help somehow
and that's for you to know
a lot of "NEWs" have come and go
less for me to show
so if you shall ask again, I must sigh
therefore, must bid goodbye.

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