Sunday, October 24, 2010

no. 31 - The Phantom (poem)

the night was young and full of vitality
everyone's possessed with infectious energy
their bodies swayed with gratifying pleasure
who would not be with all the offered grandeur?

as i watched from afar in a panoramic advantage
observing keenly, looking like an out-of-place sage
i saw no people but dancing fireflies in a cage
then lights surrounded you, my heart went out in rage

i kept my play and looked for much worthy subject
yet my eyes never failed to object
i succumb to my defeat and was greeted by what i feared
unlike the magician's trick, you were gone and never reappeared

it was always expected of you, i've been told
a friendly little bird happened to be so bold
The Phantom is what you've been called
hence, i was appalled

the night ended but not their spirit
they seem not tired, not even a bit
the dawn is breaking as i part my way
haven't gone far when from my rear The Phantom whispered to me, "Stay."

i was horrified as i felt my body chill
in my entire life, i've never stood so long and so still
my mouth parted, was supposed to recite a spiel
got dumbfounded, i felt so ill.

we stood in the middle of that deserted street where i can't turn to anyone
wanted to run but can't move a feet, so i depended to the rising sun
but i must have gone mad, for eventually i found it a feat
to be even that close to The Phantom, a heart attack was even worth it.

my sanity was about to hit it's end when i suddenly realized
that i'm no ordinary girl who can easily be "phantomized."
i stopped my delirium and played once again my flawless disguise
it was flawless indeed, for it was THE PHANTOM i caught...
thus, my ultimate prize!

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